Carts & Machines

Our comprehensive range of carts & machines will suit any type of event.

Our machines

From stylish boutique models to our classic high-volume machines, your event will be well catered for.

Our machines range from large 3 Group (6 coffees at a time) suitable for large high volume events, to smaller 1 Group (2 coffees at a time) suited to smaller events.


This sleek modern machine is perfect for large high-volume events. Our Synchro machines come in black, silver, white & red.

3 Group – Size (cm): 97(l) 60(w) 58(h)
2 Group – Size (cm): 80(l) 60(w) 58(h)

Elektra Barlume

Featuring a 50’s-style soft pastel exterior and back lighting, the Elektra Barlume will light up any room and get people talking.

2 Group – Size (cm): 83(l) 55(w) 60(h)

Faema E61​

A stalwart of the coffee industry, Faema’s 1961 flagship coffee machine the Faema E61 is a vintage wonder.

2 Group – Size (cm): 71(l) 54(w) 55(h)

La Marzocco Linea​

A classic Italian made workhorse, the La Marzocco Linea is stainless steel machine and comes in medium and compact models.

2 Group – Size (cm): 49(l) 56(w) 45(h)
1 Group – Size (cm): 69(l) 56(w) 45(h)

Expobar Compact​

Perfect for small events, this compact machine is one of the most popular, portable and elegant machines.

2 Group – Size (cm): 45(l) 47(w) 42(h)

Expobar Compact Ruggero​

The beautiful crema cafe or black exterior of the Ruggero is very versatile and great to look at.

1 Group – Size (cm): 45(l) 47(w) 42(h)

La Marzocco GS3​

The La Marzocco GS3 has a compact boutique design features jet black paneling and angular design.

1 Group – Size (cm): 45(l) 47(w) 42(h) 


Our funkiest coffee machine, the Slayer is known as a baristas dream. Features stylish wooden handles and an industrial frame.

1 Group – Size (cm): 58(l) x 47(w) x 39(h)

Our carts

We offer a selection of carts to suit your needs, or go ‘cartless’ and just hire the machine.


Size(cm): 130(l) 108(h) 70(w)

Our timber panelled carts will add a touch of warmth to any room.


Size(cm): 130(l) 108(h) 70(w)

Keep things simple or add custom event branding to our black panelled carts.


Size(cm): 130(l) 108(h) 70(w)

Display custom digital images or video with our custom built LCD carts.